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roadtrip detour?



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New Talent

If I owned a record company, I would sign this man in a heartbeat

Junior Boys

—Parallel Lines

If I forgot the lines,

Is it easy enough to fake them?

"Parallel Lines" - Junior Boys

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I’m really into bits and pieces of this song.  As a whole the verdict is still out, gonna require a few more listens.  Just goes to show even Band of Horses aren’t immune to the dubstep bug.

"The Funeral (Butch Clancy Remix)" - Band Of Horses download

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My (Very Productive) Unproductive Day

Yesterday was supposed to be the day I got the majority of my studying done.  Instead I spent it in the company of my guitar, learning Beatles and Iron & Wine songs and even trying my hand at turning all my notes and thoughts from months past into my own personal ballad to no one in particular.  Now today is filled with Sgt. Peppers and engineering equations, but if I could go back, I’d do it all over again.

Embedded Project by HHD FUN

Embedded Project by HHD FUN

Embedded Project by HHD FUN

Based on the concept of ‘complex systems’ which can observe, perceive and research our living world, society and biology. Virtual architecture is embedded into various cities and regions within Google earth projected onto the floor, within the internal space of the installation. Motion sensors track the movement of the audience within the internal space, and the projectors respond according to these inputs. By using this interactive technology, members of the audience can trigger and control the projected scene by changing the displacement of their own body or altering the distance between each other within the projective regions. The audiences are provided with unusual perspectives to view the globe, our city, open fields, as well as the algorithmic architectures embedded into the Google Earth projection.

This system establishes an evident but uncertain logical relationship between the movement of people, visual experience and “urban messages”. The audience can observe the process of urban change within the projection.

The faces of the box were designed using a recursion algorithm, based upon a triangular fractal pattern. Each triangle is sub-divided or ‘cracked’ again and again to create smaller and smaller triangles and a denser pattern. At each stage, two out of the three segments are cracked, so that one large segment remains intact to create variation in scale across the surface. At each cracking, the new triangles are raised, perpendicularly by 12cm to create the three-dimensional, surface pattern on the faces of the installation.

Abandoning traditional architectural design methodology and using this computational algorithm, the artists (architects) seek to challenge the traditional top-down design method. Connecting the logic of the algorithm and its execution process with physical architecture can generate unexpected results. To visualize these results, the generated digital data (the three-dimensional architectural models) are embedded into the Google Earth projections.  Hence the installation design is virtually-embedded within its own physical, architectural manifestation.

The needle almost jumped off the page due to the power of the earthquake.

The needle almost jumped off the page due to the power of the earthquake.

Pray For Japan

Miike Snow



Going through one of my Miike Snow phases as I start studying for finals.  A few thoughts/notes about this song:

1. This song doesn’t get as much credit as it really should.  Yes, “Animal” and “Song For No One” are in a league of their own, but this song is incredible.

2. I feel like an epic remix of this could be made.  Maybe I’ll take that on once I get the appropriate hardware. 

"Burial" - Miike Snow download

Cee Lo Green

—Fuck You (Le Castle Vania Remix)

Cee Lo Green- Fuck You (Le Castle Vania Remix) download

Really into this remix.  Super funky.

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